We offer assimilated services through all types of property and infrastructure succession. We have professionals in project managing, construction conveyance, cost consultancy and management of amenities who relentlessly struggling to find most suitable solutions to multifarious challenges of our customers. Ever since the foundation of the organization we have strived to find ideal solutions for our customers, publics and the asset industry to make the apparently impossible possible. 
An ongoing commitment to our clients
Under no circumstances we providea fixed set of solutions since the core of our business is customers. Instead personalized solutions will be provided after a subjective inquiry with the customers. We have an active business culture which allows us to retort fast and logically. We handle diverse and extensive problems which comprise wide range of amenities, divisions and geographies. We ensure that our customers get the maximum benefit from our amenities given our assimilated approach. 
Unwavering dedication to finding a better way
We guarantee our customers always get the support of expertise in the field by providing integrated services to meet diverse asset management solutions. In our commercial office, retail (hotel, leisure and sport) and domestic sectors we meet our clients’ expectations, reflecting the local culture. We work along with public associations on health and social care, and estates policies, assimilating with their crews providing solutions exclusively. 


What we do
  •    General Contracting
  •    Pre-Construction Services
  •    Construction Program Management
  •    Due Diligence
  •    Planning/Programming
  •    Energy and Sustainability Management
  •    Design Management
  •    Design-Build - New Construction & Renovation
In general, We are working with Eight (8) types of construction
  •    Residential building construction
  •    Light commercial construction
  •    Multi-family construction
  •    Health-Care construction
  •    Environmental construction
  •    Industrial construction
  •    Commercial building construction
  •    Institutional construction
To handle each type of construction project we have a unique team to plan, design, construct and maintain the project.
Design-Build : How it works
Landlords usually coordinate all the stages of the project, including architectural, engineering, and contracting companies allowing and monitoring the construction in any conventional building development. If the landlord is unaware of the procedures with the building industry, there could be delays and unwanted expenditures through the progression of the project. Sun city Props. Construction provides wide spread and more lucrative solutions. Most of our clients hire us throughout their construction project from the plan to the completion of the building. There are three phases in such full projects namely, preliminary, design development, and final costing/permit. 
Preliminary phase permits the plan-manufacturer to take part in all pre-design consultations giving valued feedback into costing problems. Once a preliminary design is presented, Willow estimates the budget allowing the customer a chance to reconsider about the cost of the amenities. 
During the Design & Development phase, we work intimately with the landlord and architect to complete plans. We provide information on available building material and their cost assessments as the plan-manufacturer in order to allow the proper selection of building materials. During this phase we evaluate design and its cost assessment while caring the owners benefit. 
The Completion exclusively rests on plan-manufacturer. We handlebuilding permits, consulting with local authorities to determine if any site-specific necessities are required. Construction will then be started only after a final fail-safe price is established after assessing pricing reports of sub-contractors. The total pre-construction will take up to three months where in a conventional plan it would take double that time. The landlord will have a better understanding about the scope of the completed project since the plan-manufacturer had pre assessed the final cost and material types. 


Sun city Props. Construction is a construction company, offering integrated services across the full property and infrastructure life cycle. Our experts in programme and project management, construction delivery, cost consultancy and facilities management thrive within 
About The Company
Our experts are committed and has excellent expertise knowledge thus the consumer satisfaction we have earned goes way over 3 years. Veracity is the core of our foundation, therefore whether it is a domestic project or a multifaceted facility our strategies remain the same for cost assessment, development, planning, management and survey to guarantee a successfully completed project each and every time. 
Since our first project started in 2012, we manage to uphold a reputation built on standards; value, solidity and direct affairs with the customers and their properties. Our company has developed over the time to become one of the most reputable company in Sri Lanka. 
Our company make sure to handle every project reliably, conducting the liabilities with the utmost honesty and sincerity. Our aim is to complete a cost oriented, valued project which pleases the customers’ purposes and anticipated use. 
The management team;Ithquan Mahmud and NisreenJafferjee Mahmud at the Sun city Props. Constructionis experienced over 15 years in commercial, manufacturing and domestic construction. Our crew has expert and well trained project leaders, project engineers, superintendents, carpenters, and craft specialists who bring the cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing technologies to bring up the best quality in any project. We have a broad set of guidelines to each project to bring up the best standards in every project. 
We manage diverse array of domestic, commercial and manufacturing projects highlighting our reputable carrier for quality. Customer satisfaction and superior manufacture is our speculation for the future. Furthermore we are a company which is dedicated, contributing time,capital, assets and constituents to construct neighbourhood affairs and nurturing community companionship. 
Our team at Sun city Props. Construction is experts in carpentry, hardware, cabinetry, framing, and site management. Our company entitled sellers and sub-contractors were selected carefully to meet up the level of expertise at our company. Each and every project is given a trained superintendent, who will accountable for security, site administration and will ensure work of all self-performed manual labour and employment professionals is accomplished the quality control measures and it stays within your budget.
We have extensive understanding in building sectors comes under the categories of retail, office, community, manufacturing, medical, institutional, light commercial, multi-family, abetted living, housing and renovation. Each and every project will be treated in a same manner despite the size of it.  
Team Building
Our team attitude ensures coordination of the requirements of customers to create the finest solution for them via accurate credentials, accurate costing and accurate communication between every crew member of the management team and the customer. The so called coordination of endowments has allowed us to grow in to a higher level of expertise, earning the respect of customers, craftsmen, sellers, examination staffs, monetary institutions and building experts.
Competitive Edge
Our mutual expertise manages every construction project with the complete assistance of the crew. At the beginning of every project we prepare a comprehensive work plan including milestones for bidding, authorizing, ground breaking and for each major task until the project is completed. A relentless attention will be given to material specifications and site logistics which could distress the accessibility of construction materials and human resources. We have an outstanding relationship with local construction officers there by the authorizing and inspection procedures will be smoother, unless unwanted deferments could be resulted with the project milestones. We examine each task individually to give our client a better service. 

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Customer Testimonials

Work was perfectly done.Thank you for the timeliness and good craftsmanship.
by Denith from Colombo, Sri Lanka

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