Suncity Props,
134, Hill Street, Dehiwala
Sri Lanka

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What We do?


SUNCITY property developers and managers is a one stop Shop relating to Property Marketing, Management, Renovating and Construction, service and maintenance.
Our Mission is to earn the maximum rental for the owner / builder of property to have a sustainable income from their investments. We will use our far reaching resources
and contacts to enable growth in income to investors and owners alike.


To be the largest and singe most recognized property Development Company earning the highest rentals whilst ensuring growth and prosperity to the industry and nation

What we do:

SPDM is a premier company providing property marketing and management services. The increase in demand to market and manage properties and to generate sustainable
income to home owners and investors has made it possible for SPDM to provide simple formulas to make your property earn you money on a daily basis taking the burden out
from you with regards to your property / investment by looking into your every need and making your investment headache free.

WE provide solutions to enable you to earn high incomes whilst having your property safe, secure and maintained. SPDM have also widened the scope of their business by integrating
and combining services that make it possible for our growing customer base to indulge in purchasing properties and leaving it to us to market, manage and maintain their investment.

SPDM has included the following services:
• Interior and conceptual design services.
• Real Estate Services
• Renovation Services
• Property Marketing and Management.
• Service and Maintenance
• Accommodation